Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So you have probably seen hundreds of these sites saying the same thing over and over.
Well no wonder it is so confusing out there.The internet is not always helpful either, I know I checked. I wanted to know if any of these sites were good or not. most of the reviews out on the net are outdated and old news. The question still remains .Which sites are good? (and I do not mean those sites that only pay 1 or 5 cents per click) I mean the REAL paying sites. Are there such sites that pay big money? I do not know. I have looked into them and have seen some reviews that claim these are scam sites but not enough evidence to back those statements up. Since I could not get any answers I decided the only way to find out was to join some .so I did just that.I joined 4 higher paying sites and so far so good .The real test will be to see if they actually I will list the sites and I hope you will keep watching for updates.if you have had experience with any of these sites,good or bad please let me know.please be aware that they may not be legit.  AFTER MUCH NEEDED RESEARCH I HAVE FOUND THAT ALL THESE SITES ARE SCAMS. 
Looking for more info go to  Here you will find a complete list of scam sites and legit sites

Site #1 XX scam
 This is the first one and so far I have made $100. Cash out for a Free member is a min of $1,000.00

Site number 2 XX SCAM
 I have made just over $140.00, but with a min $6,000.00 cash out as a free member Its going to take a month or two
Site #3 XX scam
 I have made $480.00 so far. Cash out is set for Free member at a min of $7000.00

Site #4.  XX scam
 With this site I have now made $406.00 Cash out for Free member is set for a min of $10,000.00
So there you have it . I joined February 13,2015.

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