Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saddle pads

Well a lot has happened since August 2015 .
My computer decided to crash resulting in me not being able to keep all my online "stuff" under control. My phone just does not cut it. And my internet was playing games with me and my electronics. So I devoted my time to making more saddle pads, not just in western but in English too. I learned how to make bags, wallets and pony trail pads. I even started making jewelry ( who knew I had this much talent inside) I spent my time going out of my comfort zone by going to farmers markets  and trade shows . It has all started paying off . I actually sold 14  saddle pads , numerous bracelets and wallets. Christmas came and with it I was given a computer .
So here goes me listing pictures of what I have for sale.  I now do Dressage pads and pony size pads.
mini pony pads and survival wallets.

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