Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doctors Visit

So a new thought for today.
When did our family doctors start not really looking after us?
It use to be that  when you would book an appointment to see your family doctor, He/She would check your blood pressure , heart and lungs,Ears and throat, then ask questions about why you were there.(you know ,why are you sick? what ails you?
How can I help you?)
 Your doctor would then take the time to not only LISTEN to you but would actually HEAR what you were saying .They would attempt to find a way to help you .Other wise they would send you to some one who could help you and give you the answers to feeling better.
They use to write things down in your PAPER FILE then. Now days it is all computerized. You have to pay to have your file transferred to another doctor. Not only that but they come in the room and sit down at their desk with their computer,do not even look at you and just ask you questions. There is no longer a hands on relationship. No checking of heart or ears or blood pressure. Now you only get this done if you book a physical. WHY?  To top it all of, if you do not see your doctor in a years span of time, Your file is archived or sometimes closed due to inactivity.
When did our medical society become so cold . will it get worse? How do we all protect our own health concerns if our Doctors no longer care?

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