Friday, January 30, 2015

Is Zygor's WildStar Leveling Guide Really Worth It?

WildStar is quickly proving itself to be one of the best new onine games of the year and one of it's best features is also one of it's drawbacks. Unlike the recent trend among mmos which try to make the game so easy that literally anyone can play, WildStar throws it back to the old days of MMO's where they were actually challenging. This makes for a far more rewarding experience because gaining a level actually takes some real work and you're not just handed awesome items and gear at every turn.
The downside is that the games quest flow can be a bit tricky to navigate. Some quests take a lot of time to complete and only yield meager experience points. There are also a lot of distracting side activities than can easily take a dent out of your leveling speed. For all of these reasons you're might be considering a leveling guide to help you out. Now when it comes to gaming guides it seems there's one name that everyone seems to recommend these days: Zygor. But what makes Zygor Guides special? Are they really all they are hyped out to be or is it just marketing fluff? Lets take a closer look at why Zygor's Leveling Guides might be best option for leveling faster in WildStar?
01) Paperback vs Digital
When most people think of guides they think of the paperbound book guides found in game shops, but these guides are terrible for online games like WildStar that are constantly in a state of change. Every new patch adds new quests, rewards, and other content, and the paper guides quickly fall out of date with these changes. Zygor Guides are digitally downloaded software guides and because of this they are able to be kept up to date anytime changes are made to the game.
02) Fully In-Game and Automated
When most people think of a leveling guide they imagine reading plain text instructions, either printed out or in-game, and having to still figure out where to go and manually keep moving to the next step. Using a Zygor Guide is a magical experience as it is completely in-game allowing you to view it inside the game while you're playing. It includes a fully 3D Waypoint Arrow right on your screen that points you exactly where to go and it also syncs up with your characters, detecting your actions, checking things off as you go, and skipping to the next step when all goals are complete. All of these factors combine to streamline your gaming experience and allowing you to focus on the fun of the gameplay without any frustration.
03) Power Leveling Quest Path
Even if you're a seasoned veteran of MMO's who knows your stuff leveling your first character in WildStar is gonna be hampered just learning the game, exploring zones, and figuring out the quests for the first time. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could instantly know all of this stuff your first time through the game? With Zygor Guides you can. Their professional speed leveling team have already gone through the game multiple times and done all the work for you. Their guide even adapts to branching questlines and allows players to choose between multiple zones at select points, just like the game does.
04) Smart Injection System
While all of this sounds great you might be thinking "what if I already started leveling my character without a guide? What will happen if I decide to give Zygor's guide a try? Do I have to recreate my character from scratch?" Well, one of the best Zygor Guides features is their Smart Injection System which can look at your characters past quest history and automatically scan through the guide, skipping past things you've already done, and stopping at the best place for you to start.
05) Peace of Mind
You can rest easy when you buy a Zygor Guide because every purchase is backed by their incredible technical support team that is available 24/7 to help you with any issues you might encounter, or even just to answer questions you have. If you're still not sure if Zygor is right for you head over to their site now and download their free trial which will let you test drive the guide for the first 6 levels of the game.


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