Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mind Movies with Bob Proctor and Natalie Ledwell

She hosts her own online TV show and is a sought after Personal Growth and Law of Attraction teacher)… and her name is Natalie Ledwell.
She reached out to me to tell me about a brand new video that she put together with Bob Proctor
from The Secret so I could give her my opinion about it…
And I have to tell you, I was blown away by the information and story she shared; it’s like nothing
I’ve ever heard before!
In fact, Natalie’s story is a true testament to being able to ‘literally’ and ‘figuratively’ create the life
you’ve always dreamed of living…
Filled with abundant wealth, amazing health… and fulfilling relationships.
She’s created an absolutely INCREDIBLE life for herself... and now, she wants to show
you how to do the same!
Nat’s video tells the crazy start of her (and her partner Glen’s) journey…From how they left ‘down under’ Australia to move to the sunny shores of San Diego to live out their dreams… and she shares private details of exactly how it all came into play (I was actually shocked by how much she shared but it was really inspiring to hear!).It’s worth watching for that alone but as mentioned, the video also contains an interview with one of the world’s foremost experts on success, none other than the incredible Bob Proctor!
Bob reveals some amazing insights on how to bring success and abundance into your life each and every day.
Plus, he reveals his No.1 Secret Tip for master manifesting!

What is a Mind Movie you ask?

A Mind Movie is a visualization tool… you simply watch it for 3 minutes a day and you’ll instantly
begin demanding the Law of Attraction to bring your greatest desires into your reality.
They’re SO cool and these particular 6 cover some super important areas of life designed to
immediately and dramatically increase your success

They’re titled:

- Courage & Confidence
- Loving & Appreciating Myself
- Attracting Friends & A Great Social Life
- Vibrant Health
- Inner Peace
- (And last, but certainly NOT least) Wealth