Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Tapping, Have you ever heard of it? well until a few months a go me neither.
So I did the research (yes I did) I even checked out  some of those Tapping experts. like Nick Ortner (from The tapping Solution) or Margaret Lynch .
I found out that a lot of this Tapping stuff actually makes sense.So much sense in fact that I actually tried it out and was amazed at the results it gave me.
Sure I felt silly and self conscious at first talking out loud and tapping my head ,face and neck.
But face it when you are tired of your life going in a certain direction ,which with me was debt city ,worry, doom, gloom and sick all the time. You are really willing to look stupid to try something new.
I can honestly say if you are looking for a change start with these two experts. Nick has some really cool videos you can watch,as well as books.

Did you know that according to the CDC (the US Center for Disease Control) there’s an emotional connection in 85% of all illnesses? Wow Can you believe that number!! Our emotions also play a huge component in physical pain in our bodies. So  the question then is :if our emotions play such a huge role, then how come the typical solutions are drugs and surgery? Why is it that when you go to see your doctor to try to eliminate physical pain in your body that they don’t recommend you take a look at the emotional component? The simple answer is…well, most of them unfortunately don’t know any better. In His Book The Tapping Solution Nick Teaches you all you need to know.

Okay well Margaret Lynch brings an interesting feel to tapping and makes you feel well not so silly when you are doing it.She takes you through Tapping so well and gives you insightful information on all she offers.I hope you enjoy this and welcome your feedback.


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