Friday, January 30, 2015


"Get More Done in Less Time... With an MP3?"
 Sharper focus. Enhanced concentration. Greater productivity.

 In the 2011 film 'Limitless', Bradley Cooper simply popped a tiny pill, and suddenly the whole of his brain power activated.
 He was able to blast through work, quickly and intelligently. He could study more and better than ever before. He finished chores at lightening speed. He could come up with ideas and predictions at the speed of thought.
 'Limitless' was a great film -- and a brilliant fantasy for the rest of us. But, what if all those benefits were actually available -- right now? And not using pills, but by using a simple little 'brain hack' that involves nothing more than an MP3 file?

 That's the claim of a new program called Nitrofocus.  The Power of Brainwave Science.
  Nitrofocus is a new MP3 audio program. It uses special 'brainwave' tones to help increase focus levels, and bring about those 'Limitless'-style benefits.
 it works pretty simply. The Nitrofocus MP3 audio contains frequency patterns, which match the brains natural 'focus' frequencies. All of these frequency tones are cleverly embedded inside audio tracks. When you play the MP3s, and your brain hears them, it (your brain) naturally copies them - thereby bringing about a natural state of sharp focus and concentration.

 This is a scientifically-proven process known as "brainwave entrainment."
 Researched for over 100 years, brainwave entrainment has been used to help reduce pain levels, increase mood, help patients overcome insomnia, lower stress levels, and so much more.
 Hard to believe that for over 40 years, commercial applications of brainwave entrainment have been available to the public - and at the cutting edge of this research was Nitrofocus.

 The basic Nitrofocus experience is available as a free 7-day trial. Once you start, you're immediately sent one of the main Nitrofocus sessions -- the 1-hour "Nitrofocus Classic" MP3 -- alongside a couple of other bonuses. (By the way, this trial literally didn't cost a penny. If I wanted to upgrade to a VIP customer later on, they would unlock further sessions. But the trial was completely free regardless, and you can even keep the existing Nitrofocus sessions should you decided to cancel.) The Nitrofocus MP3 instructions are simple: just listen while you work.

 Just in case you were wondering, the Nitrofocus MP3 can be played on loop while you work. You can use it with or without headphones. And it includes special "white noise" sounds to help block out background distractions that may be sucking away at your focus levels. To upgrade my account to a Nitrofocus VIP account. The total cost was $97. That's when the full program suddenly becomes available to you. And then WOW. This is where all the real value exists. The full Nitrofocus program contains 5 main Nitrofocus MP3 sessions, each lasting 1 full hour. These are Nitrofocus Classic, Nitrofocus Digital, Nitrofocus Easy, Nitrofocus Workout and Nitrofocus Ocean. You use all of them just like the original Nitrofocus Classic MP3, however they each have their own different styles, so you can choose the one which most matches your mood.

 The full Nitrofocus program also contains a 50-page user guide, and 7 supporting 'brainwave' MP3s. These are: the 5-Minute Break MP3, the 10-Minute Break MP3, the Brain Booster MP3, the Focus Gym MP3, the Memory Commit MP3, the Analytical Builder MP3, and the Anxiety Reducer MP3. These sessions are all intended to support your use with the main Nitrofocus program.  When I first heard of Nitrofocus, I had thought it was just a simple, single MP3. I was wrong. Nitrofocus is an entire brainwave MP3 package, designed to help seriously improve your life
 It also comes with extremely friendly lifetime support, and membership to a highly active forum, where you can share tips and stories with thousands of other users.  Just hit play, and watch your life change. It literally couldn't be easier. My recommendation: Buy it
 Pros - Rapid results. Sharpens focus like nothing else. And it really works!
 Cons - Download only (no audio CD version). No telephone support.
 Start your free trial of the Nitrofocus program online at: